Vulnerability’s Greatest Strength

I was thinking recently, this world is a lot newer to me than I am to it. There’s nothing really new for me to say, or feel, or hope for. What really blows my mind, is that someone miles away, that I may never have even met, is, has, or will probably go through something that I already have, and vice versa. The details might be different, but I would bet the curse to be the same.

I’m pretty sure you and I both know we could find something that we disagree on if we really wanted to. But I’ve yet to come across someone I have nothing in common with. We’ve all lost something. We all desire something. We all fear something. We all love something. We all want to be something (loved). We all want to make sure of something. And we all want to make sense of something. We’re all human. We’re all misunderstood.

This stubborn faith in accompaniment, in my humble opinion, is vulnerability’s greatest strength. It’s knowing that we’re not alone. No one is alone. The first time I discovered that was comforting. The pains you and I have are more than just that it seems. They’re gifts of companionship we can offer to others.

Reaction is human nature, but proaction; that takes effort.