Making The Music's Impact A positive One.

Your wedding day might just be the most special day of you and your future spouse’s lives. (How often do you snail mail invitations to a party months in advance?!) It certainly has been for my bride and me. There’s nothing like feeling the support of your friends and family when you see their smiling faces. The day’s dedication to you and yours has inspired phrases like, “I don’t know if these napkins are ‘us,'” and “this is totally us babe.” After all, no matter how it happens, it will be unique to you, and memorable for decades to come. Unfortunately, the music of your wedding, the sounds, the tone to be set, can be easy to incorrectly categorize as a lower priority. Despite its “out of sight” characteristic during the planning season, it has the influence to impact that day and your guests far far more than you may realize…

No Surprises.

There’s nothing like the delayed start of a song, a medley ending too soon, a song being played at the wrong time, or a sudden surge in volume to distract from an amazing moment.

Fortunately, you have another option; me. I perform live music to craft those beautiful moments according to your style, your timeline, and your wedding so that it’s one more big thing that is uniquely “you” for you and your guests.

"Knowledge & Experience"

I have years of wedding performances under my belt, can (if you want) advise you on ideas I’ve seen work in similar scenarios and ideas I’ve seen not work, and can ask the music related questions you may not have thought about. With me, you will also be serenading your guests with a professional musician who has played for crowds of thousands, had radio play on Atlanta’s Rock Alternative station, and received invitations to private auditions for “The Voice.” I’m professional in my correspondence, easy to book, and aim to make the music the last thing you have to worry about. Ultimately, I want to make whatever it is you envision a reality on your special day, from the processional to the cocktail hour.

Let's Be Nimble.

Being a live human being, I can lengthen or shorten your favorite song or instrumental to fit the unknowable number of minutes of the processional.

Imagine tempos that match the moment. Imagine the energy of your guests responding to the music live. Imagine the acoustic guitar effortlessly creating a more intimate setting. How nice is that?

Don't hit "Play" on your big day.

So, you can forget about hitting play on the same 3 minute 11 second track version that everyone hears on their car radio. Don’t miss out on customizing this hugely influential aspect of your wedding. This is your day! Your love is alive, and your music should be too.

What's Your Dream Wedding?

Frequently Asked

Yes. 100%. Where are you holding your wedding ceremony? Let me know via the message form above, or call 404-939-6234.

I can provide a full band, myself and a guitar and tambourine, or anything in between. Let me know what you are thinking and we’ll make it happen, captain.

Of course! Tell me what you want, what you really really want, and I’ll learn it if I don’t know it already!

If it’s just me coming, you will be paying far less than you would be for a full wedding band. Actual numbers vary depending on things like location, equipment needed, number of songs, size of the band, and amount of time required at the venue.