Setting the ambiance

Your wedding day might just be the most memorable day of you and your future spouse’s lives together. It certainly has been for my bride and I. (When else in your life do you snail mail invitations to a party months in advance?!) Preparing for this day inspired phrases like, “I don’t know if these napkins are ‘us,'” and “this is totally us babe.” One of my favorite parts was simply having the most important people in my life together in one place, and feeling so honored knowing they came just because they wanted to be excited about something with me. I remember their bright and peacefully anticipatory faces. I remember my bride entering the scene and everyone turning to look at her, and how it felt to have her looking only at me. I remember the willow tree above us an the string quartet playing beautifully behind me. But, for the life of me, I can never remember what they played! And I had agreed to it! I had thought methodically ahead of time about what it would be like, what it would sound like, but most importantly, what it would feel like. And out of everything, that’s what I remember the most; how serene, surreal, happy, loving, and peaceful it all felt… for every one of us.

I believe music set one unified tone that day that magnified a “this is special” feeling for everyone. That’s the power of music. It sets expectations of the moment. Live music can communicate universally and tie everyone to the same experience in the same moment, simply by being heard.

But… it can also ruin a good moment.


Skipping the skip

The delayed start of a song, the start of the wrong song, a lyric that is slightly out of context, a sudden silence followed by a song that ends too soon, a track that skips; all distract from amazing moments. Fortunately, the same recording everyone’s heard a million times isn’t your only option. You have me! I beautifully craft the tone of those special moments according to your wants, your timeline, and your story, adjusting to the moment in real time. I draw from your imagination to give you one more, “yeah, this is totally us” decision.

Know-how & Experience

I have years of wedding performances under my belt, can (if you want) advise you on ideas I’ve seen work in similar scenarios and ideas I’ve seen not work, and can ask the music related questions you may not have thought about. I’m professional in my correspondence, easy to book, and aim to make the music the last thing you have to worry about. Ultimately, I want to make whatever it is you envision a reality on your special day, from the processional to the cocktail hour.

Let's Be Nimble.

Being live means having flexibility. Imagine knowing that a song can be lengthened or shortened, grow louder or softer at all the right times, the perfect song being slowed down or sped up, all to match the present moment. How nice is that?

Don't hit "Play" on your big day.

Your love is alive, and I think your music should be live too!

What's Your Dream Wedding?

Frequently Asked

Yes. 100%. Where are you holding your wedding ceremony? Let me know via the message form above, or call 404-939-6234.

I can provide a full band, myself and a guitar and tambourine, or anything in between. Let me know what you are thinking and we’ll make it happen, captain.

Of course! Tell me what you want, what you really really want, and I’ll learn it if I don’t know it already!

If it’s just me coming, you will be paying far less than you would be for a full wedding band. Actual numbers vary depending on things like location, equipment needed, number of songs, size of the band, and amount of time required at the venue.